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Much like the others in the Big Joe line of kamado grills, the Kamado Joe Classic 3 is an excellent addition to our Best Grills category. This ceramic kamado charcoal grill features an airlift hinge for easy opening, plenty of cooking surfaces for your cooking needs, and thick walls for maximum heat retention. Even with the high price, and lack of cast iron, the Kamado Joe Classic 3 is still a fine example among the Best Kamado Grills.

Why We Like It – Kamado Joe Classic 3

The Kamado Joe Classic 3 has several features that make cooking easier and fun. Additions such as the airlift hinge and heat deflector let you focus on grilling.

  • Air lift hinge
  • Plenty of cooking surface
  • Thick walled for maximum heat retention
  • Very high price
  • Not much cast iron to be found

Power & Heating

Features such as the kontrol tower top vent help the Kamado Joe Classic 3 retain the perfect grilling temperature, even if you open the lid several times. The stainless steel cooking construction helps provide an even cooking surface, much like the Blaze Kamado Grill. However, heat-resistant materials on the outside help prevent accidental burns from the user.

Size & Versatility

Reminiscent of the green egg style of grills, the Kamado Joe Classic III offers the traditional cooking process, all while including several new methods to grill. As with all in the Kamado Joe line, the Classic 3 features the half moon divide and conquer the cooking system. Two individual halves can be used as one or placed in different heights to cook different meats at different temperatures, something that even the Primo Grill can’t do. However, with a large cooking surface and kamado-style heating, the Primo grill is a viable alternative to heavier grills.


Being constructed out of stainless steel, the Kamado Joe Classic 3 is a heavyweight that should be more than able to stand everyday wear and tear, similar to other related products in the Kamado Joe line. Granted, it’s not a complete cast iron construction, but should you take care of the Classic 3, it will be around for years to come.

Ease of Use

The divide conquers a flexible cooking system makes cooking a meal more effortless than ever before. No longer having to cook items one at a time, you can quickly cook at two temperatures thanks to the heat deflectors.


Having a price point similar to the Weber Summit Charcoal means that the Kamado Joe Classic 3 must have an equal value to it, which fortunately it does. Upon purchase, not only do you receive a great grill, but free shipping and customer service, should you give your email address.

Kamado Joe Classic 3 Wrap Up

Big in size and heating power, the Kamado Joe Classic 3 is a dependable, versatile cooking station. While the preference for cast aluminum and stainless steel over cast iron and the price may be some less than ideal factors, the Joe Classic 3 more than makes up for it with its thick walls, airlift hinge system, and the spacious cooking surface. If you’re on the market for a new grill, the Kamado Joe Classic 3 is a dependable choice.

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