Best RC Toys in 2020 (November Reviews)

Ray Prince Vertifed by: Ray Prince Last Updated: 16 Jul 2020

If you think that RC toys are just for kids, then you have a lot of surprises coming. At Gadget Review, we know just what the RC world is doing, and can provide you with the best RC toy reviews for both kids and adults so you can judge for yourself: Our expert recommendations and news will keep you updated on the coolest new RC toy devices, as well give you advice on how to pick out remote control devices and use them for maximum fun.

Latest RC Toy Reviews & Buyer Guides

Best Remote Control Boat for Kids

The best remote control boat for kids provide hours of lake and poolside fun, offering a constructive way of understanding physics and motion. Our evaluation criteria focused primarily on an anti-tilt construction and capsize recovery ability for uninterrupted play, followed by range, charge time, and top speeds. After more than…

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Swann Sky Duel Helicopters Review

RC stands for radio controlled, but flying solo means no one is there to watch your aerobatics.  If your kid has outgrown his best swing set for toddlers, these copters could be for you. Flying WITH someone means sharing the skies, so why not take them on Mano-a-mano? To do…

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Best RC Trucks

The best RC trucks allow for smooth, powerful maneuvers and speedy climbs on all types of uneven terrain. Our evaluation criteria focused on top speed, range, run to charge time ratio, and advanced features such as shock absorption, treaded tires, and body composition to withstand bounces and heavy impact. After…

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Best RC Cars for Kids

To help you find the best RC cars for kids, we’ve tested out dozens of products, driving them overall kinds of surfaces, looking for models that were truly safe for children to play with and ones that could take the kind of beating those same children would throw at them.…

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Best RC Helicopters

The best RC helicopters provide hours of fun with tightly controlled maneuvers in tight spaces or free-flying over open air space. Our evaluation criteria focused on size, flight controls, flight duration to charge time ratio, and range. After more than 25 hours of research and testing, our top pick goes…

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Best RC Boat

The best RC boat offers hours of outdoor fun for beginners and hobbyists, performing stunts in all types of water and capturing imaginations everywhere. Our evaluation focused on controls, quality of anti-tilt/waterproof construction, range, top speeds, and charge time. We are after only the best toys and games. After 15…

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SmartPlane: An RC Plane Controlled By Your iPhone 5S

The best RC helicopters are cool but check this out. We’re not strangers to clever new ways to control aircraft with your iPhone 5S. But if you’re ready to move beyond paper airplanes and into actual aircraft, the SmartPlane is here to soar with you. The Aircraft The first thing…

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Best Remote Control Car

In order to help you find the best remote control car out there, we’ve tested out dozens of models, running them through their paces on a variety of surfaces, including gravel and grass. During testing, we were looking for cars that worked, right out of the box, with simple controls…

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Mattel Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset Review

Mattel’s Hot Wheels has been, and continues to be a successful toy franchise of cars and accessories that most little boys enjoy playing with. But to attain the status of a “big boy” toy, Hot Wheels has to offer even more…as in being able to actually MAKE the Hot Wheels…

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i-H2GO Is The World’s Most Technologically Advanced Toy Car

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies’ i-H2GO isn’t your average toy car! Instead it’s said to be the world’s most technologically advanced toy car that redefines what you think of a normal RC car. Long gone are RC control units that require extra batteries since this toy car uses your phone or…

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Dexim AppSpeed iPhone Controlled RC Truck (video)

Griffin’s HELO TC iPhone Remote controlled helicopter was almost the complete package, until we discovered that the flying toy communicated via infrared.  That means you need line of sight to the device if you want to maintain control.  Not really a practical solution for something that can hover above the…

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Spy Video TRAKR R/C Vehicle Can Be Modded With Apps (video)

The Spy Video TRAKR is like no other remote controlled vehicle. Sure, it sports a camera and remote with LCD screen, but what makes this RC car different is that it can be easily modified.  Apps are available for download from what we presume will be an open source community…

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The era of a few remote-control cars on the market for kids is long gone. Today growing variety and power of wireless connections have led to a vast RC market. The best RC toys are now underwater submersible, drones that can patrol the skies, highly advance hovercraft, mind-controlled cars, and many more exciting inventions. They often come with new, advanced controls and apps that tie in with tablet computers and phones to allow for even more options. To find out more about RC toys and how amazing they are these days, visit Gadget Review and check out our latest news!