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When you’re shopping for the best business VoIP providers of 2023, you’ll find a lot of benefits they can offer over traditional landlines that the old phone companies simply can’t provide. We live in a digital world, and the last thing you want for your business is to be tied down by an old, aging analog system that can’t keep up with the needs of the modern employee, manager, or CEO.

But transitioning from a regular landline or home phone to a VoIP can be a confusing process, filled with new technology and terminology that doesn’t apply to standard phone service as we know it already. Don’t worry though, that’s why Gadget Review is here to break down all the marketing speak and fill you in on what you need to know about the best VoIP providers in 2023!

Best Business VoIP Providers of 2023

#1 – Editor’s Choice/Best VoIP Service for Small Business
Contract OptionsMonth-to-Month/Bi-Annual/AnnualMonth-to-MonthMonth-to-Month/AnnualMonth-to-Month/AnnualMonth-to-Month/Annual
Unlimited Callinggreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Free International Calling25 countriesred-x-iconred-x-iconred-x-icon35 countries
Mobile Appgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Call Forwardinggreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Number of Server Locations159N/A102
24/7 Supportgreen-check-markgreen-check-markred-x-iconred-x-iconred-x-icon
Online Account Managementgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
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#1 Editor’s Choice/Best VoIP Service for Small Business RingCentral

RingCentral VoIP
RingCentral takes the cake as our #1 pick of the best business VoIP providers in [year]
Price: $19.99 | Features: No annual contract, 1000-member conference calling | Read Full Review: RingCentral Review

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Great prices with an easy setup process? Sign us up.

Of all the business-class VoIP providers we looked at for this list, RingCentral was the one that stood out from the crowd thanks to its extensive feature list, fair pricing, and plan customization options. Although they aren’t a very familiar VoIP name, RingCentral have actually been a small business VoIP provider since 1999. If you’re interested in more great product recommendations, then check out our best budget apps for android.

Without the need to sign up for a locked-in, annual contract, business owners are free to change up the features they need on the fly, all while configuring the total cost of their plan per month and the features within on an a’la carte basis. Small businesses especially need to pinch every penny they can, which is why RingCentral makes it easy to only load up your monthly bill with services that work with you and your customers best.

If you’re a small business that’s struggling to pay the bills, RingCentral has a plan that will suit your needs most likely, and if you’re growing faster with more customers than you know what to do with, RingCentral has a system available for you too.

RingCentral Business VoIP
RingCentral works across all your moible devices and your VoIP handsets

All the standard VoIP features are here like Find-Me/Follow-Me which can transfer calls directly through its mobile app so you can receive your business phone calls on the go, as well as the ability to call emergency services through e911. You get all the important features like call waiting, customizable Caller ID, and automatic call recording. Best of all, RingCentral won’t make you buy VoIP-only phones if you sign up for a new plan. Thanks to some tricky technology on their part, you can use a standard analog phone with a VoIP upgrade, saving you the hefty upfront cost of replacing your entire phone system for an office all at one. They’re also generous with other features like unlimited calls in the US and Canada, four-person video conferencing, and 1000 toll free minutes per month per user for the standard plan

It’s this level of flexibility, customization, and bonus features that truly sets RingCentral apart from the rest of the competition the way that no other business VoIP provider can, which is why we’re naming it the best business VoIP provider of 2023!

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#2 Pick Jive

Jive Business VoIP
Jive’s VoIP system thrives on simplicity and ease of use for employees and clients alike

Price: Get a Quote Here | Features: 100 unique calling features, virtual queuing | Read Full Review: Jive Reviews

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Jive offers tons of features at an affordable price.

If a breadth of features and customization is more enticing to your business, Jive VoIP has got every base covered and then some. Setting up the Jive VoIP is simple if you get their pre configured IP phone system. For Jive, the monthly per user rates go down as the number of employees goes up, and they include the same 100 features across all their VoIP plans. They actually host a YouTube channel dedicated to understanding its phone systems, and all those features. Jive comes packed with must-haves like call forwarding and hold time announcements (for business with long queue times), as well as more fringe offerings like automated call distribution that eases the burden on your customer service representatives so everyone gets an even share of the work-load. And, don’t forget to take a break with our 8 of the best budget apps for iPhone.

One of the best features is the virtual queuing system, which is an intelligent call waiting system that will actually call your customers back when their turn has arrived if they choose the option for it. Combine this with an extensive set of administrative tools that allow you to track the data on how long calls last, who is receiving the most calls, and what time of the day you get the most calls, and you have a VoIP system that can optimize your office workflow and save you money at the same time.

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#3 Pick Vonage Business

Vonage Business VoIP
Vonage is a well-known name in the VoIP industry, and for good reason

Price: Get a Quote Here | Features: 40 calling features, no contracts required | Read Full Review: Vonage Reviews

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The best choice if you want to avoid signing contracts.

When VoIP technology was just getting off the ground nearly a decade ago, Vonage was one of the very first companies on the pile to offer both consumer and enterprise customers an easy, affordable way to reduce the cost of their monthly landline bills.

Although the consumer plan may not have worked out exactly as the company planned, these days they’ve shifted their efforts almost entirely to the business sector, and the move has paid off in spades. With 40 business calling features, unlimited calling & faxing, and a contract-free signup, you can be sure that Vonage is still one of the best VoIP providers in the game, despite their earlier missteps.

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#4 Pick Nextiva

Nextiva Business VoIP
Nextiva works when you need it to, without any extra hassle

Price: Get a Quote Here | Features: 10 redundant server locations, 99.99% server uptime | Read Full Review: Nextiva VOIP

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Nextiva sports cheap plans with solid network server support.

With no setup fees or contracts and unlimited calling/faxing, Nextiva is perfect for businesses that know ahead of time that they’ll need more than just a few extensions to really take advantage of their VoIP system to its fullest.

Thanks to its fully redundant network with ten server locations, you can be certain that no matter what happens (storms, floods, or cyberattacks), neither you or your customers will ever be left in the dark during the middle of a call. This is backed up by the company’s 99.99% server uptime, a number that’s unrivaled by any other competitor on this list.

Nextiva is perfect if you need a cheaper plan with basic features, but also have to support hundreds or even thousands of extensions at once. Also, the Nextiva app will allow you to use your business phone number to make calls from your mobile phone remotely. More premium features can be costlier than usual, but if you know exactly what you need before signing up, this is the VoIP provider for you.

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#5 Pick 8×8

8x8 Business VoIP
No matter which devices you use to communicate with your clients most, 8×8 has got it covered

Price: Get a Quote Here | Features: 30-day money back guarantee, unlimited calling to 35 countries

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Long distance calling to 35 countries, free of charge.

If you work with a lot of clients or customers outside North America or Europe, it might be difficult to find a VoIP provider that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg extra per month just to connect outside of your country.

8×8 solves this problem, with unlimited calls to 35 countries around the globe. The service supports conference calls for up to 15 members at a time, with the option to upgrade to 50 in case you have big presentations that a lot of people need to hear about at once. Plus, if for any reason you’re not happy with the service or find the features aren’t up to your standard, 8×8 offers a no-strings-attached 30-day money back guarantee.

Try 8×8 VoIP Today

Key Factors and Features to a Good Business VoIP Provider

Virtual Extensions

  • Although this feature may take on a different name depending on the provider you choose, the function is still the same: call forwarding to any device or desk no matter where it is in the world.
  • This is sort of a “unified” number, much like Google Voice that will find you on the device you’re currently attached to.
  • If you’re at your desk, it will ring your desk. If you’re away, it will extend the call to your smartphone, or you can send it straight to voicemail and get the notification across all the platforms of your choosing.


  • Just like standard landline home phone or business phone services, there are a wide variety of packages and deals you can get with your VoIP provider that fits your needs and budget best. You might want to check out VoIP plans that have a free trial in order to first get comfortable with the provider before deciding on a package.
  • Be conservative when signing up for your first plan, and if you need more lines or voicemail storage there’s always the option to up your package the next billing cycle.
  • The cost per line is also important. On average, you should expect to spend anywhere from $250 to $350 for a 10-line system, depending on the location of your business and which features you ultimately decide to add on.


  • Ask anyone who’s been a part of the business world in the past five years, and they’ll tell you the same thing: the phone stays on, all hours of the day.
  • When shopping for a VoIP provider, go over the different app options they have, as these are what you’ll need to use to keep yourself connected to your number/voicemail/message inbox whenever you’re not in the office.
  • Also check to see if there is universal support across all the platforms you and your employees plan to use, i.e.- iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.

Strong Networking

  • Because VoIP relies completely on bandwidth to transmit a call, it’s important to go with a provider that has server locations around the globe.
  • The closer a server is to your place of work, the more consistent the quality of the calls you take will be.
  • Also be sure to check that they have redundant servers, which take the load off the main network when the company has to run maintenance tasks or fix a connection issue with customers. This ensures you’ll never have any downtime with your VoIP service, and will always stay connected to your most important clients.

Quality Customer Support

  • During an important sales or conference call, the last thing you want to try and troubleshoot why your network keeps dropping or isn’t available.
  • Only do business with providers that offer 24/7 on-call customer support, so even if you’re closing a deal at 3am your time (and noon halfway across the globe), someone will be there to fix the issue and get you back in the thick of it quickly and efficiently.

Mistakes to Avoid

Running on a Slow Network: Although most VoIP services will provide call quality that’s on par with what you’d get from a standard landline, this is highly dependent on the speed of the internet connection going to your office or place of business. The same way a Skype video call will suddenly degrade in quality when experiencing network problems, a VoIP call is only as good as the internet connection it’s running on. In general, it’s recommended to at least have a cable broadband subscription of 50Mbps or above, especially if your business has more than 10 people who might need to use the service at any given time.

Watch for Hidden Fees: Even though VoIP providers have made a lot of strides from the predatory tactics that traditional phone companies used to use to jack up their customers’ bill, they aren’t completely immune to greed. When you get your first bill, keep an eye out for any “administrative” or “technical” fees that might have been slipped in, and if there’s anything on there you don’t recognize or wasn’t discussed in the original contract, call customer support to sort it out early so it doesn’t happen again.

Which Best Business VoIP Provider is Right For Me

Whether you’re just starting up your first small business or running a Fortune 500 multi-national corporation, it’s important to get all the features you need with the best business VoIP provider of 2023.

If you only need a service that covers a few customer service stations with the apps and infrastructure to back it up, or value network reliability and server uptime over everything else, there’s a VoIP provider out there that will sit down with you and help you find a plan and contract that suits the needs of you, your customers, and your growing business better than anything else around!

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