Best Music & Recording Gear in 2023 (December Reviews)

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The best music instruments offer a full and immersive auditory experience, hitting deep and high notes with precision. It also keeps people engaged for hours on end as they strive to hit the right notes or compose an entire orchestra. Are we ready to become prodigies with the musical instruments we love? Our evaluation focused on playability, learning curve, musical note depth, instant playback functions, and fun factor. Auxiliary features such as smartphone apps, quality of instruction, and design were also considered.

After more than 15 hours of research and testing, our top pick goes to the RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano. It features an exceptional beat making suite, recording and playback capability, 61-key keyboard, fully integrated control panel with LCD screen, and 100 unique sounds and rhythms to build a masterpiece off of. A pair of quality headphones and padded stool are also included, as well as free membership to the Simply Piano app, which uses sheet music to help with proper finger positioning and provides instant feedback on how well you are hitting your notes. Keep reading to learn more about the Rockjam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano and six other music instruments that made the cut.

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