Best Desktops in 2020 (November Reviews)

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To help you find the best desktop computer, we tried out dozens of models, testing them for multitasking capabilities, via built-in RAM (at least 8 GB,) processor speed (at least 3.2GHz) and compact form factor, with plenty of ports on the back for increased connectivity. We also tended to prefer products with lots of hard drive space, with a combination of HDD and SDD technologies, and long-lasting warranties, of at least one year.

The best computer we tried was easily the Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop, which comes packed in with 12 GB of DDR4 RAM, so it can easily multi-load intensive software applications, a 512 GB SSD drive, with plenty of room for upgrades, and a speedy 9th generation Intel Core i5-9400 Processor, which runs up to 4. 1GHz.) The back features multiple ports, including a suite of USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 ports, and the company throws in a one year warranty, with options to purchase more time. Keep reading to learn more about the Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop and the other products on this list.

Don’t forget about the best computer accessories. You may also want to read about the best computer cases and best computer speakers to get the most out of your PC.

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What Price Should You Expect To Pay For A Desktop Computer?

Gadget Review provides you with the latest Desktop Computer Reviews and updates. Computer reviews are prepared and released after each new model is introduced. Of course, we understand that dozens of computers exist today across various price ranges. That's why we cover everything from budget to mid-range PCs and even gaming desktops. Our experts know a thing or two about the Best desktop computers and best gaming pcs from brands like Asus, HP, and even Apple.

What Is A Desktop Computer?

A desktop computer is a computer that, for lack of a better term, generally tends to live somewhere underneath or on "top" of your desk. They can come in all shapes and sizes, but most often are shipped in rectangular cases that are a foot or two tall at most. Inside the shell they contain a processor, a graphics card (sometimes two in gaming desktops), a motherboard, RAM, a hard drive (or SSD), and a power supply to keep everything up and running. In order to use a desktop computer to its fullest, you'll also need an external display or monitor, as well as a keyboard and mouse.

Of all the product categories out there, the prices of desktop computers probably have the widest berth of the bunch. A solid desktop computer that runs most programs and even a few games can cost as little as $300, while others that run entire servers while playing Crysis 3 on ultra settings at the same time can set you back upwards of $10,000. With desktop computers, the sky really is the limit.

Which Are The Leading Desktop Computer Brands?

The best desktop brands out there also happen to be the same companies who have dominated the space for the past two decades or so, including Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Other companies like ASUS and Acer have also started to edge their way into the market, but if you want a seal of quality from the brand name alone, you can't go wrong with the original contenders.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When buying a new desktop computer, you'll want to be sure that you're getting the absolute best value for your money. Often pre-built gaming computers are way overpriced compared to what you would get if you build it yourself, but there are a few models that are reasonably priced for the power they come with inside. Also, be sure that you have all the right peripherals when you hit the checkout, as well as Wi-Fi handled either by an internal card or a USB wireless dongle. Desktops don't automatically include Wi-Fi capability on their own, so don't forget to add it on to your total receipt.

The kids will want the best kids computer case. Also, don't skimp on the best computer monitors. And gamers will want the best mouse.