Best Blender in 2020 (October Reviews)


After extensive research, we confidently believe that the Ninja Professional (BL610) to be the best blender you can buy today. The Professional sports a 1000-watt motor can power through smoothies, margaritas, and other favorites. You’ll be able to prepare a monster batch, thanks to the included 72-ounce jar. With four different program modes, the Ninja is ready for what you throw at it.

To find the best blender, we began looking into the essential factors that would make it great for your kitchen, including each blender’s capacity, motor power, speed control, and included extras. If you’re looking for a new home blender, a medium-sized capacity with ample power and some great accessories might be all you need. Otherwise, if you’re running a commercial kitchen, you’ll need a bit more power, an increased holding capacity, and precision speed control. No matter what your cooking situation, we’ve got a perfect option for your home or restaurant. To learn more about the Ninja, and other best blender options, continue reading.

Top 7 Best Blender

 #1  Ninja Professional BL610 Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This blender includes a large 72-ounce jar, perfect for serving up a large quantity of drinks when friends and family are around; it doesn’t lack power either, thanks to the included 1000-watt motor.


  • Very durable and large jar
  • Four different program modes
  • Six blade assembly for ice crushing


  • Customer service isn’t great

Ninja offers up a functional blender that’s great for home kitchens. With a large 72-ounce jar, you can blend large batches of your favorite drinks, or any recipes, when friends and family visit. The four different programming modes automatically help to combine your ingredients properly with Ninja’s Auto-iQ technology, making adjustments during the blending process as needed with the built-in 1000-watt motor — we don’t believe you’ll find the Ninja Professional as underpowered.

The included six-blade assembly helps to crush ice faster and offer a smoother drink blending experience. While some blenders struggle with breaking up ice, the Ninja blender seems to have everything down to an exact science. The one thing Ninja doesn’t have in its arsenal is a solid customer service team, so if your blender breaks, it might be a bit of a headache getting it fixed. If this blender doesn’t have you sold, take a look at the best immersion blender to compare.

 #2  Oster Blender Pro 1200 Blender

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This blender has a powerful 1200-watt motor, featuring one-touch preset controls for your favorites, including smoothies and milkshakes. The company even throws in a free blending cup, alongside the 24-ounce jar.

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  • Best on a budget
  • One-touch present controls
  • Includes blending cup


  • Replacement parts are scarce

The Oster Blender Pro 1200 offers a powerful 1200-watt motor, perfect for chopping, blending, mixing, and crushing. The unit’s one-touch controls allow for smooth operation with modes dedicated to smoothies, milkshakes, and salsa. You can also choose from standard, low, medium, high, and pulse settings. What’s most interesting is the Dual Direction Blade technology that can blend in both directions for improved operation.

We also like that Oster includes a blending cup to go alongside the large jar; this way, you can easily blend your morning smoothie for on the go — no need to transfer anything to another cup. This feature makes this one of the best personal blenders that you can get. The one complaint is that replacement parts seem to be scarce with Oster customer support telling purchasers that components such as the blending cup are no longer available.

 #3  NutriBullet Blender Combo Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: NutriBullet includes everything you need in this blender combination set, including a 64oz blending jar, 21oz blending cup, and 24oz blending cup. The kit also includes an easy-twist extractor blade which makes cleaning a bit easier.

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  • Powerful and durable motor
  • Easy-twist extractor blade for cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe BPA-free materials


  • Base unit is quite heavy

NutriBullet has been on TV as long as we can remember, reminding us about the benefits of smoothies. After taking a closer look at the NutriBullet Blender Combo, we think they might be the right company to dive into with a new smoothie addiction. The Combo Set includes the blender base and jar, as well as two on-the-go cups. You can easily blend your smoothie, or margarita in your new personal blender— we aren’t judging, and grab it the next time you head out the door.

The easy-twist extractor blade makes it easy to clean, and the dishwasher-safe containers are also all BPA-free. If you have a bad back, this might not be the blender for you, however, as the base unit is quite heavy and takes some strength to move around your countertop. The NutriBullets included cups make it the best blender for smoothies. If you want a budget pick instead, take a look at the best blenders under $100.

 #4  Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Blendtec option provides professional-level blending, as well as a massive four-sided 75oz jar that can tackle your biggest challenges. The Blendtec can even warm soup and trinks with blade friction heat in under 6-minutes.


  • Largest pitcher capacity
  • Ability to warm soup & drinks
  • Durable stainless-steel blade & BPA free


  • Poor product quality control

Blendtec first caught our attention with its extreme commercials that showcased electronic devices, such as iPhones, being blended. But, the company kept our attention with the Total Classic Original; this blender provides a powerful and high-capacity option to kitchens everywhere. The large 75oz four-sided jar can hold more substantial quantities of ingredients so that you don’t need to blend in multiple batches.

The powerful motor can also spin up to fast enough speeds to heat soup and drinks in less than six minutes, while the stainless-steel blade has no problem chopping through food — these factors combined make it the best blender for soup. We have heard of a few quality control reports with the Blendtec, but it wasn’t significant enough for us to consider it a serious issue. This blender isn’t one of the best blenders for crushing ice, so if you’re looking for the perfect margarita, look elsewhere.

 #5  Cleanblend Commercial Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Cleanblend delivers 1800-watts of power, delivering one of the most high-powered blender options in our lineup. Due to its power, the Cleanblend can crush, blend, chop, grind, heat, process, purée, and liquify.


  • Able to easily heat & liquify food
  • Powerful 1800-watt base motor
  • Includes money-back protection


  • Very large for a home kitchen

If you need the power, Cleanblend delivers with its Commercial Blender. This powerful blender offers up 1800-watts of high-speed control from its included base. You can use the unit to crush ice, blend drinks, chop nuts, grind pastes, heat soups, process vegetables, purée carrots, and liquefy due to the high speed at which the blades can spin. This isn’t your standard kitchen blender; it stands up to professional, commercial, and heavy-duty cooking needs.

What we love most about the Cleanblend is that it offers a money-back guarantee for up to 30-days — don’t like it, return it without any questions asked. We will say that the Commercial Blender is impressive, but it is large and might be a tight fit for some home countertops. But, if you have space, you won’t regret your choice and it’s the best blender for frozen fruit thanks to its powerful motor.

 #6  KitchenAid Diamond Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: We know that kitchen appliances are all about performance, but KitchenAid shows us that blenders can look great too, offering its product in over two-dozen different colors. The KitchenAid even includes a shatter-resistant jar.


  • Available in over two-dozen colors
  • Shatter & scratch-resistant jar
  • Sturdy die-cast metal base


  • Motor-rating isn’t the highest

The KitchenAid Diamond Blender makes a statement in your kitchen thanks to its overwhelming two-dozen color options — you’ll find this blender in every color from pistachio to gloss cinnamon. It doesn’t just look beautiful; it works well, stirring, chopping, mixing, and blending. The included 60oz BPA-Free jar is shatter, scratch, and stain-resistant, allowing it to stand up to the rigors of the kitchen; it’s even dishwasher safe for a quick cleanup.

The base of the unit is a sturdy die-cast metal base, so you don’t need to worry about it vibrating across your countertop. You can even clean off the control panel with wipes, thanks to its design. While the motor-rating isn’t the highest, the blender performs well thanks to its Intelli-Speed Motor Control technology.

 #7  Vitamix 5200 Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: With nearly a 1400-watt motor, the ability to handle large 64-ounce batches, and durable industrial design, this Vitamix blender was designed for commercial and professional kitchens; that also makes it the best home blender you’ll ever use.

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  • Precise adjustable speed control
  • Includes specially designed tamper
  • Ability to self-clean with soap


  • Very expensive purchase

If you need the best for your kitchen or restaurant, the Vitamix 5200 blender is happy to play the role. With a motor reaching nearly 1400-watts, the Vitamix can tear through anything you need blended. The controls allow for precise variable adjustments so that you can select the perfect speed, mastering the texture of your recipes. The included specially designed tamper also helps scrape down the sides, without needing to turn the machine off in the process.

Need to clean the Vitamix 5200? Just add water, a squirt of dish soap, and turn the unit on — it will heat the water and clean your blender jar with ease. The 5200 is a commercial product, so while it will work in home kitchens, you may find it to be a bit loud and bulky — not to mention very expensive. That being said, you may not go back to regular blenders ever again after trying high end blenders; it’s essentially the best blender for everything. If you’re just looking for the best blender for green smoothies, click here to compare models.

How We Decided

When selecting the best blender for your kitchen or restaurant, we began by researching the aspects necessary for a reliable product. For each blender, we examined its capacity, motor power, speed control, and included extras. Next, we established a set of criteria, so that the selections in our buying guide are only showcasing the best on the market. Let us take care of the research; you enjoy the cooking process.

For each blender capacity, we wanted to make sure you could get the job done without having to worry about multiple batches; for this reason, the smallest jar we allowed on our list is 24oz. However, we also included extra-large options with sizes up to a staggering 75oz. For motor power, our selections achieve at least 550-watts, enough to blend your ingredients, including ice, fibrous foods, and nut butters, without worry.

High speed blender control is essential, which is why all of our selections offer at least three different speed settings. Some of our product choices even offer one-touch controls for easy access. Lastly, every blender we selected includes the base, as well as a jar. We also added a few options that offer extras such as tampers and on-the-go blending cups for increased convenience.

Best Blender Buyer’s Guide


  1. Capacity: Large capacity blenders are great for parties, but if you find yourself preparing for one or two people, you can likely get away with a smaller single serve option. Select a blender size that is appropriate for your recipes and the number of drinks you might need to prepare.
  2. Motor Power: While motor power isn’t always an indicator for a great blender, it provides a rough idea. Anything over 500-watts should be suitable for a home kitchen, but 1000-watt+ options are still desirable for pulverizing ice or heating liquid.
  3. Speed Control: A standard blender might have simple low, medium, and high controls. If you want a bit more, check out blenders that offer one-touch preset controls — a welcome addition to save time and help you out during the cooking process.
  4. Included Accessories: Most blenders include the base and jar, but some include extras in the box. Blenders with to-go cups can be great for churning out smoothies in the morning or before running to the gym, while tampers can help scrape the sides of a blender during operation.

Blender FAQs

What is the best blender on the market?

We found the best blender to be the Ninja Professional blender; it includes a large 72-ounce jar, perfect for serving up a large number of drinks when friends and family are around; it doesn’t lack the power either, thanks to the included 1000-watt motor.

What is the best blender for home use?

We have quite a few excellent options on our list for home use. The Ninja Professional is our top pick, but another great option is the NutriBullet Blender Combo; it includes everything you need in this blender combination set, including a 64oz blending jar, 21oz blending cup, and 24oz blending cup.

What is the most durable blender?

Our commercial selection is among the most durable, the Vitamix 5200; it sports nearly a 1400-watt motor, the ability to handle large 64-ounce batches, and durable industrial design. The 5200 was designed for commercial and professional kitchens; that also makes it the best home blender you’ll ever use.

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