Welcome Is The Camera That Recognizes Your Family

Facial recognition is the technology many people are scared of. What will it mean in a world where cameras are everywhere that these cameras can greet you by name? Will privacy of any form even exist any more? Will what we define as “public” take on a new definition? Will people just install Welcome in their homes anyway? Well, we assume that’s what the development team hopes.

Welcome Wagon

Developed by Netatmo, essentially Welcome is a facial recognition camera you can install in your house. Just point it at a person and have it memorize their face, done through the app which is easily downloaded to iOS or Android. Then, place it somewhere it can see a few faces.

When people come in, the app can notify you when they’re home. The 130-degree field of view ensures you’ll be able to see everyone when they come in, and that nobody can sneak by the camera. Similarly, if an unknown face pops into view, the app can alert you and you can figure out who’s in your house, touching your stuff.

Face It

welcome 1

Granted, there are a few privacy concerns worth raising here, even if the Welcome is designed not to leak your private details to anybody who asks. But if you need to keep track of the kids, or Uncle Bob, or that pesky roommate who keeps deciding to “borrow” your stuff while “forgetting” to let you know where it is, it’s a good option. Now, as far as the roommate situation goes… how can we hook up a taser to this thing?

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