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Based in the United States, Stanley Fatmax is a well known manufacturer that produces a wide variety of tools. Some of the tools they make are Automotive tools, and this is where we find the Stanley Fatmax J7CS. The Stanley J7CS jump starter is a mid-range option that’s got 700 peak amps, and 350 instant amps to use when not so much power is needed. It also comes fitted with a 120 PSI air compressor that adds to its value, and at 10.6 pounds, it’s light enough to be moved around without too much hassle. The battery charger exists as the middle-of-the-line choice between two other choices from Stanley, making it an ideal pick for buyers that don’t want to spend too much money and still get a good amount of value. Go ahead and read through this review to see if it’s the best jump starter for you.


The Stanley Fatmax J7CS is a two-in one jump starter that can take care of your car battery as well as your tires, making it great for users who don’t want to have too many tools at the back of their trunk. It comes with a tire inflator so that you always have your tires in check, and a reverse polarity alarm in case you get the terminals switched up.

  • Includes an air compressor
  • 3 USB port outlets
  • Reverse polarity alarm
  • Long charging time


The J7CS jump starter offers a convenient choice for drivers who wouldn’t want to buy a battery charger and an air compressor as two separate items. The J7CS will allow you to jump start your car battery whenever it starts to act up, and also doubles as a tire inflator so that your tires never run flat – something you’ll not get with the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660. If you have a couple of gadgets that have run out of power, the 3 USB ports that the Fatmax J7CS jump starter comes with should be able to act as a portable power source to reboot your accessories.


Compared to the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter, the J7CS takes on a very ergonomic design with its front featuring the jump starter, and on it’s back side, an air compressor. The handle makes carrying it around a breeze, and the 120-degree pivoting LED light helps get you a clear view of whatever you’re doing at night. On the jump starter’s dashboard you’ll find its 3 USB ports, LED battery level indicators, a reverse polarity indicator, and the jump-starter power switch. Turn the jump starter around and you’ll see the 12 Volt DC charging port, the air compressor switch & nozzle, and the illuminated pressure gauge.


The biggest advantages of this 700 amp jump starter are of course the multi USB port selection that it comes with, as well as the air compressor that you can use to inflate your tires. In case you get the terminals mixed up when clamping, the J7CS will sound a reverse polarity alarm to alert you, but it doesn’t have a voltmeter which is present on the BEATIT G18 Jump Starter. The on-board power switch helps make sure that the clamps are powered only when you’re ready, and immediately after use, the manufacturer advises that users should charge it for 24 hours for it to get back to peak battery capacity.


The Stanley Fatmax J7CS is an ideal jump starter that’s got a lot of customer reviews on Amazon. You might want to check them out just so you know what to expect.

Best Jump Starter

Tacklife T8 Review

Headquartered in the United States, Tacklife is a well known brand that manufactures a wide range of automotive products, and the T8 jump starter is another one of their many highly successful releases. The Tacklife T8 delivers a decent peak current of about 800 amperes, making it suitable for jump starting most commercial vehicles. Its battery has a capacity of 18,000 mAh that allows it to also function as a reliable power bank that you can use to power up your phone. This would be through the dual USB ports through which the car jump starter allows for a USB quick charge. If you’ve never heard of the T8 car charger before, then you’re probably wondering if it’s the best jump starter you can get for your money. Make sure you get to the end of this review to find out.

Why We Like It – Tacklife T8

The Tacklife T8 is more than just a car battery booster. It comes with additional features such as dual USB ports, a compass, a red light hazarding signal while also being a power bank. This makes it one value-packed purchase that you ought to make. Also, find out about the best head unit for your car by reading our review on the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX First Look.

  • Can be manually switched off
  • Stand-by period of 12 months
  • Up to 30 jumpstarts on 1 charge
  • Could use a better quality carry case


The T8 car jumper has a battery that’ll take about 4.5 hours to get powered up, which is much better than the 24 hours you would wait for the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660. Once it’s done, the car battery charger will be able to do up to 30 jump starts on a single charge. The jumper cables on the battery booster portable power pack are also considered smart since they come with surge protection as a feature that prevents sparking, and the included LED light is great for an emergency flashlight. Also, the battery charger doesn’t have that many safety features, but it does come with a smart indicator to inform you of wrong use.


The T8 battery booster is designed to be small enough to handle using one hand, and is lighter than the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter, as it weighs only slightly above 1 pound. It comes in a solid black casing that can include either red, orange, green or yellow accents to give it a hint of color. The portable power package includes: the T8 battery jump starter itself, the smart jumper cables, a cigarette lighter adapter, a warranty card, a user manual and a carrying case.


Among the biggest reasons you should get the Tacklife T8 car battery jump is its portability. It’s as easy to carry around as the BEATIT G18 Jump Starter. Unlike other jump starters though, the T8 auto battery booster portable power pack can be manually turned off. meaning its battery stays at the same power level until the next time you use it. Aside from this, the car jump also comes fitted with a compass and a red light function that you can use as a hazard warning signal. If you happen to have an air compressor or any other car accessories that you’d need to use, the T8 power pack also proves useful in this situation since you can connect it to one of the USB ports to power it up.

Tacklife T8 Wrap Up

The T8 battery booster portable power pack is undoubtedly one of the best battery booster portable packs you can buy to keep your car battery in check, especially if your car is up to a 7 liter Gas engine or a 5.5 liter diesel engine. The auto battery booster comes with a 2 year warranty, though when claiming it, you do need to prove that yours was a verified purchase.

Best Jump Starter

DBPower Car Jump Starter Review

The DBPower portable car jump starter brings both convenience and power to your 5.2 liter diesel engine or 6.5 liter gas engine so that you never have to panic when your car battery starts acting up. It packs a respectable peak current of 800 amperes to jump start your car, and is able to do this up to 20 times with a single charge. It also comes with a charging port that supports smart charging, and allows you to charge your laptop or tablet without any issues. To find out what else the DBPower car jump starter is capable of, make sure you get to the end of this car jump starter review, and see for yourself whether or not it deserves a spot on our best jump starter list.

Why We Like It – DBpower Car Jump Starter

The DBPower portable jump starter offers power, convenience and portability at a cost that will not hurt your pocket, and will always be handy to revive your dead battery. The car jump starter also comes with nifty features like a compass and a USB port to be useful even outside your car.

  • Has an LCD screen
  • Comes with 3 Year Warranty
  • Smart USB port for laptop charging
  • Can’t work if battery is under 50%


The DJS50 is a compact jump starter that comes with a decent set of features for the average motorist. The portable jump starter has a battery that has a capacity of 18000 mAh and an output voltage of 12 volts. For added safety, the car jump starter also has reverse charge protection, overcharge protection and overcurrent protection. At 800 amperes, its peak current is certainly no match for the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 at 1700 amperes, but if you intend to use it on your commercial vehicle, then it’s power should still be more than enough for you.


A majority of the portable car jump starters that you’ll find most drivers going for nowadays tend to be pretty compact, and the DBPower DJS50 is one of the many in this bunch. Just like the NOCO Boost Plus GB40, the portable battery weighs almost 3 pounds, and is only available in red and black colors. Out of the box you’ll find a 12 volt wall charger, smart jumper cables, an 8-in-1 laptop adapter, and of course the DBPower car charger itself which comes with an LCD screen, a compass, an LED flashlight and a USB port that you can use to plug in your accessories.


The DJS50 comes with a 3-year warranty that you won’t get with most jump starters (like the BEATIT G18 which has a 2 year warranty), alongside a lifetime guarantee of customer service. This means you can always reach out to them in case your portable car jump starter develops any issues. The car jump starter is powered by a lithium-ion battery, but to be able to start any car, it needs to have at least 50% battery power. To be on the safe side, please try to recharge it every time after use so that it never fails.

DBpower Car Jump Starter Wrap Up

The DB power jump starter is a great choice for a jump starter since it delivers more than what you need, at a price that many will be able to afford. The jump starter is available on Amazon com, and if you want to see what various buyers had to say about its different capabilities, go ahead and use Amazon’s comments sort feature by clicking on your topic of interest to arrange customer reviews according to what exactly you want to find out about.

Best Jump Starter

BeatIt Jumpstarter Review

No driver ever looks forward to flagging down another car on the highway whenever their car battery all of a sudden stops working. Nonetheless, we’ve all had to do it out of not having a portable jump starter of our own. Once you get the Beat it G18 though, jump starting your dead battery will no longer be a hassle. The G18 portable jump starter has a weight of about 1.47 pounds making it light enough to carry around, and a peak power of 2000 amperes making it a very heavy duty tool. It has a battery capacity of 21000mAh which is higher than that of the Beatit BT-D11, and comes with safety features such as reverse polarity protection in case you mix up the terminals. Does it have enough to knock out the competition and be the best jump starter you can get? You be the judge. If you don’t happen to have any cables, take a look at how to jump start your car with or without cables.

Why We Like It – Beatit Jump Starter

The Beatit G18 jump starter is a powerful 2000 amp portable battery that most long-time users have come to hail as the best portable jump starter you can get without breaking the bank.

  • Small, compact & multipurpose
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Wireless charging
  • Low 12 Volts charging output


Most people would agree that a portable car jump starter is one of the essential items you need to have in your car just next to the air compressor. The Beatit G18 is as portable as jump starters get, and with a size smaller than that of the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660, it shouldn’t take up too much space in your trunk. Despite being small, it also comes with some key features that other car jump starters don’t have. For one, the battery jump starter doubles up as a power bank you can use to power small accessories through a USB port. The car jump starter also has a high capacity lithium ion battery which takes about an hour to get to full charge, and this is a lot less longer than what other portable jump starters might take.


The G18 portable car jump starter has jumper cables that stretch to 15.5 inches (longer than those on the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter) to offer the most convenience when fixing them to your car’s battery terminals. This can be very convenient especially if you’re jumpstarting a big truck or even a yacht. In addition, the car jump starter beatit also features an LED light and two USB ports for connecting a small accessory to the charging port. Also, the LED flashlight has three modes to choose from so that you’re able to get the perfect vision even at night. After use, it is recommended that you charge the lithium jump starter’s battery to full capacity so that it always stays ready for action.


Out of the box, the G18 battery jump starter screams of good quality finishing, and is definitely a tool you’re going to be using for a long time to come. It comes packed with a wall charger, a carry case, and an integrated Voltmeter that each jumper cable connects to. Regarded by long time users as the best portable jump starter in the market, the Jump starter Beatit is actually the first portable car jump starter to have a 10W wireless charger, meaning you can place your phone on top of the unit to get it powered up. If not, there’s also the option of using the charging ports through a USB cable, just as you would with the TACKLIFE T8 800A Jump starter.

Beatit Jump Starter Wrap Up

The Beatit G18 jump starter comes highly recommended by current owners, and is a great value buy if you never want to get embarrassed having to flag down other motorists when your battery dies down. It’s also more reliable than most power banks, and with about 2000 peak amps of power on tap, the G18 jump starts your SUV, firetruck or even yacht without breaking a sweat.

Best Jump Starter

CAT CJ3000 Review

The brand CAT (or Caterpillar) is synonymous with being the best in terms of heavy construction machinery. As a major player in that industry, it was only logical that they also put out a jump starter to use in the event that a dead battery would need to be revived, and this need was very well met by the CAT CJ3000. The CAT CJ3000 is a heavy duty car battery charger that can be used to jumpstart a wide variety of vehicles including trucks, with credit to its impressive peak amp of 2000 amperes. The CAT professional jump starter is well suited for working even in the harshest of weather conditions thanks to its Absorbed Glass Mat internal battery, so you shouldn’t worry about being unable to start up your car in the extreme cold. To see what else this 2000 peak amp jump starter also features, and whether it deserves a spot on our best jump starter list, be sure to get to the end of this review. If you’d rather have a full kit, take a look at our JumpStart portable vehicle jump starter flashlight and power bank review.

Why We Like It – CAT CJ3000

At 2000 peak amps, the CAT CJ3000 is a powerful jump starter that is sure to get your car or truck running in a matter of seconds. It comes with a power switch that regulates flow to its clamps, and a 12 volt DC outlet to charge your accessories.

  • Long 48-inch jumper cables
  • Reverse polarity alarm & indicator light
  • Power switch
  • Long 15-hour charging time


Although the manufacturer doesn’t mention how many jumpstarts the CJ3000 can do on a single charge, it would take you about 15 hours of charging to get to peak battery capacity, which is pretty long compared to the Noco Boost Plus GB40 which needs a short 15-minute charge to jumpstart a vehicle. In spite of that, the CJ3000 offers 1000 instant amps to get smaller commercial vehicles running, so if you own such, you’ll probably never have to max it out at 2000 amperes.


Just from its size, you should be able to tell that the CAT CJ3000 isn’t as light as most of the other jump starters you’ll find in the market. It weighs about 23.5 pounds, which is a lot heavier than the Beatit G18 for example at 1.3 pounds. Despite the weight, it comes with 48-inch jumper cables for longer reach, which cannot be said for the G18. Also noticeable is the battery charger’s red emergency flasher on its right side, and its area light on its left. These two additions make things a bit easier especially if you’re dealing with a car battery problem in the middle of the night.


At 2000 peak amps, the CJ3000 is definitely a powerful tool that needs a lot of caution whenever you’re dealing with. As a safety feature, the CJ3000 comes with a reverse polarity alarm that sounds whenever you have the terminals wrongly attached. It also has a power switch that prevents power from getting to the clamps until you’re ready, and this is a nifty feature that you won’t find with other jump starters such as the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660.

CAT CJ3000 Wrap Up

If you’re thinking about buying the CJ3000 but you’re really sure yet, maybe going through a couple of customer reviews over at might help you make that final decision. Also, being a well known brand, CAT’s customer service is top notch, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any issues if you come across a situation that forces you to claim its 1 year warranty.

Best Jump Starter

Noco Jumpstarter In Review

Despite its small size, the NOCO Genius boost battery starter packs enough power to jump start your car up to 20 times on just one single charge, making it a valuable asset to pack for every time you go on a road trip. The jump starter delivers up to 1000 amps at peak power, and is spark proof to offer ultimate protection. Charging after use is also easy as you only need a USB cable or a 12V car charger. The Noco Genius Starter is fitted with a 2.1A USB port that can power other USB devices such as your watch, portable bluetooth speakers or tablets, and it is these kinds of add-ons that earn it a mention on our best jump starter list. Hang around to find out how well this sample from Noco Genius is able to handle your car in this portable jump starter review.

Why We Like It – Noco Jump Starter

You’ll say goodbye to car battery problems once you get the NOCO GB40 jump starter safely stored at the back of your car. Whether you’re driving a huge truck or a normal sized vehicle, the Genius Boost Plus jump starter will always ensure that you never get stuck because of your battery. Also, find out about the best head unit for your car by reading our review on the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX First Look.

  • Upto 20 jumpstarts on 1 charge
  • Comes with a Flashlight
  • Light & compact in size
  • Thick plastic covering on jump cables


At first blush, the Noco Genius Boost doesn’t seem powerful enough to start up a big car, but just like the BEATIT G18 Jumpstarter, it is capable of waking up a 6.0-liter gas powered vehicle as well as a 3-liter diesel engine without much strain. It’s jumper cables are not quite as long, but then again, when you’re under your car’s hood you won’t need them to be. Inside the Boost plus GB40 is an ultrasafe lithium battery that is powerful enough for up to 20 jumpstarts with one charge. To keep it that powerful all through, you want to make sure that you get it well charged (for 3 hours) after each use.


The Noco Genius Boost jump starter can best be described as lightweight and compact. It weighs about 2.7 pounds, and compared to other jump starters like the Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660, it is pretty small. The battery booster comes with a 4-level LED battery charge indicator, 2 USB ports and an LED flashlight. In terms of build quality, the GB40 portable lamp comes with a rubberized casing to keep it’s surfaces scratch free, and a 4 LED indicators that let you know how much energy its battery has in store.


For added convenience, the Noco GeniusBoost jump starter also comes with a bright 100 Lumen LED flashlight that you can use in case you’re trying to revive a dead battery in the middle of the night. Car users will also benefit from its reverse polarity protection feature in case you get the terminals mixed up, and once done jumpstarting, it’ll need to be left charging for up to 3 hours until it is back up to full capacity. It’s not as light as the TACKLIFE T8 800A, but the ultrasafe lithium jump starter is still very easy to handle or carry around.

Noco Jump Starter Wrap Up

Having this Genius Boost jump starter at hand will always ensure that you’re able to kickstart your car back to life whenever your battery stalls. Get your jump starter now from and you’ll never have to worry about your battery dying again.

Best Jump Starter

Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660 Review

Everybody who drives has that one fateful memory when their car couldn’t start and they had to flag down another driver for help with jump starting their engine. It isn’t a very good memory to have especially if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere when it happened. To make sure this never happens again, what you should do is get the Clove Automotive JNC660 jump starter. It comes with a 1700 peak amp of starting power, meaning it should be able to bring back to life anything from a small car to a big truck. It’s powered by a proformer battery for a high power output, a long service power and extended cranking power. Take some time to go through this JNC660 review and find out why it takes the top spot on our best jump starter list. If you’re interested in reading more about car tech, you should also read our the MIRT, or scariest device ever review too.

Why We Like It – Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660

With jump starters becoming an increasingly necessary accessory, the JNC660 is a stellar choice for users that want to remain sure that they never get stranded because of a dead battery.

  • Overcharge protection
  • 12V DC outlet
  • Long 46-inch jump cables
  • No safety switch


Once you get the JNC660 jump starter, your days of worrying about a dead battery will be long gone. At 425 cranking amps, this jump starter from Clore Automotive has enough power to spin the starter fast enough to start the engine, and its two 46-inch jumper cables are also long enough to get to the starting points of all vehicles. As you use it to jump start any car battery, it’s important that you don’t get the terminals mixed up since the Clore JNC660 doesn’t come with any reverse polarity protection like the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter does.


Like most jump starters, the JNC660 jump starter comes in at a nice compact form that allows for easy carrying. It weighs about 18 pounds, and can safely be tucked away in the trunk of your car next to your air compressor. What you want to make sure though is that it stays completely dry, and that the clamps never get to touch each other. The JNC660 is also quite large in size compared to alternatives like the BEATIT G18 Jump Starter, but if you have enough storage space, then this shouldn’t be an issue.


To keep the JNC660’s 22Ah Clore proformer battery in good shape, the manufacturer advises that it gets charged immediately after jump starting a vehicle. You won’t need to worry about the portable jump starter getting overcharged after leaving it plugged in for a long time because it comes with an automatic switch-off function that turns it off once it is full. If you have a couple of accessories lying around that have dead batteries and you would like to power on, you can use the 12 volt power supply from the vehicle jump starter – just like you would on the TACKLIFE T8 800A Jump starter. To keep an eye on how much power the Jump-n-carry JNC660 has left, you’ll just need to press the red button that’s on the bottom of the battery gauge.

Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660 Wrap Up

All it takes to get the JNC660 to the back of your trunk is an order through Amazon com, and you’ll always have something ready to produce up to 1700 peak amps of power in case you ever need to jump start your car.

Best Jump Starter

7 Best Portable Jump Starters in [year]

The best portable jump starter we tried was the Audew Upgraded Car Jump Starter. This high quality jump starter includes a high-speed polymer battery with a 2000A peak and 20000mAh capacity, which can easily start 12V vehicles up to 40 times. We also loved the additional features included, such as dual USB ports and a trio of lighting modes, including an SOS function.

To help you find the best portable jump starters for your automobile, we have tried out a multitude of top products, testing to ensure they include powerful batteries that can easily start a number of different vehicles, including most gas engines and some diesel engines. We also preferred highly portable items that were easy to carry or stowaway and those that included numerous additional features, including USB ports for the charging of smartphones and other gadgets. Keep reading to learn more about the Audew Upgraded Car Jump Starter and the other models on this list.

Top 7 Best Portable Jump Starters

 #1  Audew Upgraded Car Jump Starter


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best jump starter for diesel engines, thanks to a high-speed polymer battery that can handle diesel engines up to 8.5L, with a number of additional features, including dual USB ports and SOS lights.

  • Multiple safety features, including over-charge protection
  • Ultra-powerful 20000mAh battery
  • Dual quick-charge USB ports
  • Not as light as some products on the list
  • LED display can struggle to show battery performance in bright sunlight

The Audew Upgraded Car Jump Starter is a fantastic choice for diesel engines, thanks to a high-speed polymer battery that excels with diesel engines up to 8.5L, while offering support for nearly any traditional gas engine. The 20000mAh capacity battery, with a 2000A peak, can also easily start boats, RVs, tractors and other assorted vehicles. We also loved the crisp LED display, which allows for a trio of lighting modes, the dual quick charge USB ports and the multiple safety features, including over-charge protection.

Though this jump starter does offer a compact form factor, it is heavier than some other picks on this list, clocking in at nearly four pounds. Additionally, we found that the LED display struggled to adequately illuminate the information in bright sunlight. Compare this with the best remote car starter to be sure the Audew is the best.

 #2  TACKLIFE T8 Portable Jump Starter


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best lithium-ion jump starter, thanks to a large 18,000mAh battery that can jump start 12V vehicles 30 times before needing a recharge and featuring a number of high quality extras, including USB ports and a built-in compass.

  • Works 30 times before needing a recharge
  • Extremely lightweight, at just over 1 lb
  • Included extras include LED lights, USB ports and a compass
  • Only supports diesel engines up to 5.5L
  • No LED display

The TACKLIFE T8 Portable Jump Starter is a fantastic choice for most 12V vehicles, thanks to a large 18000mAh battery that can perform a jump start 30 times before needing a recharge. We also loved the light and portable form factor, as it weighs just over one pound, and all of the included accessories that are built-in to the model. These include a pair of quick charge USB ports, LED SOS lights and a compass.

On the diesel front, this only supports engines up to 5.5L, so we’d recommend our top pick over this one for diesel drivers. Also, there is no LED display, which can make it tricky to know just how much juice is left in the unit. If you have some work to do on your vehicle, the best OBED 2 car diagnostic scanner is a good place to start.

 #3  Stanley Fatmax J7CS Powerstation Portable Jump Starter


WHY WE LIKE IT: This budget-friendly model comes with a number of high end features, including a built-in alarm that announces improper connections and a 120 PSI air compressor for inflating tires.

  • Alarm for improper connection & tire inflator
  • 700 peak power and 350 instant amps
  • Triple USB ports
  • Must be charged every 30 days in order to function
  • Battery not as powerful as top picks
  • Heavy, at over 10 lb

The Stanley Fatmax J7CS Powerstation Portable Jump Starter is the best jump starter with an air compressor that we tried, thanks to the inclusion of a 120PSi air compressor, which is fantastic for inflating tires. We also loved the budget-friendly price tag, the built-in alarm for improper connections and the trio of high quality USB chargers, in addition to a number of other extras.

The battery on offer, however, is not as powerful as our top picks, though should be able to handle most 12V gas engines. Additionally, it must be charged every 30 days or it will cease to function, so maintenance is a must. To make sure your car stays protected, you’ll want to take a look at the best car alarm too.

 #4  DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter


WHY WE LIKE IT: This jump starter easily fits in a glovebox, thanks to a compact and lightweight design, with a powerful battery that is suitable for most gas engines, up to 7.2L, and a pair of intelligent clamps that provide a number of safety features.

  • Clamps include a number of safety features
  • Both USB and DC ports
  • LED flashlight includes SOS and flashing modes
  • Not great for diesel engines
  • LCD display not very bright

This DBPOWER Car Jump Starter features a highly compact and lightweight design, weighing just over a pound and easily fitting into any standard-sized glovebox. The 18000mAh battery on offer is plenty powerful, excelling with most gas engines and some diesel engines. We also loved that this model includes two built-in USB ports, for charging gadgets, and a DC outlet, for charging laptops and larger items, in addition to an intelligent clamp design that contains a number of safety features, including short circuit protection and over-temperature protection.

Though this jump starter does technically service diesel engines, it only offers support for engines up to 5.5L, which is on the lower side. Also, the built-in LCD display is not especially bright, so it can be difficult to know just how much battery life is left in the unit. Speaking of battery, you might want to make sure you have the best car charger on hand.

 #5  NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Portable Jump Starter


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best jump starter for V8 engines, with a durable and water-resistant frame and a number of safety features, including spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, in addition to featuring a best-in-class flashlight.

  • Very durable and water-resistant
  • Spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection
  • Pair of quick charge USB ports
  • Coms with storage bag, but it is on the flimsy side
  • Only supports diesel engines up to 3L
  • 20 starts before needing a recharge

This NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Portable Jump Starter is a fantastic choice for V8 engines, thanks to featuring a powerful 12V battery with a max amperage of 1000A, that is suitable for V8 gas engines up to 6L. We also loved the durable and water-resistant design on offer here and the number of built-in safety features, including spark-proof clamps and reverse polarity protection.

This isn’t the best choice for diesel engines, however, as it only offers support for diesel engines up to 3L. Additionally, this jump starter does not come with a storage case, rather it comes with a somewhat flimsy storage bag. While you’re looking at a jump start, take a look at the best car battery so you don’t have to worry about your car dying on the road.

 #6  Beatit QDSP Portable Jump Starter


WHY WE LIKE IT: A jump starter that contains a number of innovations that make it excel during extreme weather, including an advanced lithium-ion battery chip, with an extremely light form factor and extendable jumper cables that are great for reach.

  • Very lightweight and bag friendly
  • Extendable jumper cables are great for reach
  • Pair of USB ports
  • Comes with durable storage case, though it is large
  • Built-in flashlight on the weaker side

The Beatit QDSP Portable Jump Starter is the best product on this list for jumping vehicles during extreme weather conditions, such as below freezing temperatures, thanks to an advanced QDSP (quick discharge start power) chip that is included in the lithium ion battery. We also loved the light form factor, weighing just one pound, and the extendable jumper cables, which excel at reaching out-of-the-way car batteries.

The 16500mAh lithium ion battery is on the powerful side, with a max amperage of 1200A, though the included flashlight is dimmer than the ones found with other products on this list. Also, we appreciated the durable storage case that is included, but it is on the larger side so it may struggle to fit in some gloveboxes. You might also want to look at the best tire inflators.

 #7  DeWalt DXAEJ14 Digital Power Station Portable Jump Starter


WHY WE LIKE IT: Durably made jump starter with a number of useful additional features, including an alternator check function, a built-in air compressor and a pair of high intensity LED work lights, in addition to featuring dual USB ports.

  • Alternator check function
  • Built-in air compressor
  • High intensity LED work lights
  • Heavy, at nearly 20 lb
  • Too big to fit in glove box
  • Does not function with 6V batteries

The DeWalt DXAEJ14 Digital Power Station Portable Jump Starter is a fantastic product with a peak amperage of 1400A, which is on the higher end, and featuring a durably made lead acid battery. We also loved all of the additional features on offer, including a built-in air compressor and a pair of high intensity LED work lights, which we found to be perfect for nighttime adjustments. The alternator check function also came in handy, as it lets you know the health of your alternator.

Though we loved the durable components on offer here, we did notice that it was a heavy jump starter, at nearly 20 pounds, and would not fit into a conventional glove box, needing to be stored in the trunk or backseat.

How We Decided

In order to narrow down to the above list, we focused on reliability, running the jump starters through a myriad of tests, ensuring their ability to jump start a wide variety of vehicles, favoring products that are rated for use with both gas and diesel engines with support for gas engines up to 8.5 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters.

We didn’t just rely on stats, though a high peak amp and cranking amp volume are nice, choosing, instead, to actually run them through their paces, checking to see how long they took to reach a maximum charge and how much standby time they offered once they achieved that charge. We also made sure each product on the above list boasted the ability to jump start a vehicle numerous times on a single charge, up to 40 times in some cases.

We also took a look at each product’s additional features, choosing packs that were easy to use, with reverse polarity alarms and other safety forward technologies that helped take the guesswork out of jump starting a car’s battery. We were also impressed by the number of products we tested that could double as external batteries for smartphones and gadgets, with many featuring USB ports, wireless charging capabilities and laptop adapters.

Finally, we liked portable and compact models that were easy to stowaway in a glove box or the back seat when not in use and those that were made from durable and long-lasting components. And if they couldn’t do that, they included other extras, such as a built-in air compressor.

Best Portable Jump Starter Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Engine Size Limitations
    Most of the above products have some type of limitations as to what size engines they can adequately jump start. Make sure your engine size is supported before making a purchase, though our list does feature a couple of “catch-all” battery packs, like our top pick, which are certified to work with just about any engine out there. These limitations typically only come into play, however, with unusual vehicles, such as large trucks.
  2. Size and Weight
    These are portable jump starters, so you are going to want to make sure they aren’t overly heavy and that they can fit somewhere in the car when not in use. To that end, we placed a spotlight on products as light as a pound or so and several that easily fit into a standard-sized glove box. Even the biggest model on our list, however, can fit in the backseat or in the passenger side floor.
  3. Safety Features
    You are going to want to make sure that the jump starter you choose has a number of built-in safety features to reduce the risk of accidental damage. To that end, most of the above products feature overcharge protection and many have built-in alarms that will alert you if you have attached the clamps incorrectly.
  4. Additional Features and Accessories
    Modern portable jump starters come with an array of additional features and accessories. These include quick charge USB ports, for juicing up smartphones and related gadgets, and DC outlets for the charging of larger items, such as laptops. Most items on our list also come with powerful LED flashlights, often with SOS modes when you are in trouble, and feature built-in compasses and an array of other useful gadgets.
Best Jump Starter

JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter, Flashlight and Power Bank Review

Looking for the best car accessories? There are a few things that are a must for the boot of your car or truck. You should at least have a first aid kit and a good pair of jumper cables. The only problem is that the jumper cables can be bulky. Even some of the modern alternatives tend to take up too much room in your trunk. But never fear, the JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter, Flashlight and Power Bank is here. It is a must-have accessory along with our 8 of the best radar detectors list.

As you can see, this is more than just a vehicle jump starter. It is also a 4-mode LED flashlight and a power bank. You can use it at home or on-the-road to give you peace of mind. With this in your car, you’ll never have to worry about how to jump-start a car, with or without cables. 

Will JumpSmart Give You A Good Start?

JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter
This Jumpstarter belongs in your car.

In an emergency, it’s always nice to have several items in one and this product delivers. It gives you a power bank, jump starter and a flashlight, keeping you covered when you need any of the 3.


  • Heavy-duty
  • 37000 mWh power bank
  • Jump starts up to 8-Cylinder, 5.0-liter vehicle


  • Uses proprietary charger(But it is included)

Build Quality And Design

It’s really rugged. This device is going to survive just about anything you can throw at it and live to jump your car another day. Gotta love that. Because if it isn’t rugged, what’s the point. The design is that of a large flashlight, so it travels with you easily and can be stowed just about anywhere.


The jumpstarter can jump start up to an 8-cylinder, 5.0L engine (up to 2.0L Diesel). While the 37000 mWh Lithium-Polymer battery is compatible with most cars, trucks, SUV’s, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATV’s, and more. So you can see how handy this feature is alone. The device can even re-charge up to 1000 times.

The flashlight makes sure you always have one handy. The 8W, 330 Lumen LED Flashlight has 4-Modes (High Beam, Low Beam, SOS & Strobe), and an impressive 495ft reach. So it is ideal for any time you need a flashlight and for emergency situations.

The Power bank uses SmartSpeed Technology to charge a single USB device fast at 2.4 amps. You can charge up almost any device, whether it be your mobile phone, tablet, camera, etc.


I tested this on a friend’s car who had a dead battery and it worked flawlessly. It does a great job of charging your battery and it is super easy to use. Just about anyone can do it. And that’s what you want in a device like this. The flashlight is also a very solid flashlight. It throws a very bright light that is perfect for any situation. You’ll be glad that you have it in an emergency. The power bank also did not disappoint. If your car breaks down and it ISN’T the battery, but you find yourself with a dead phone, you can charge your phone and get the help you need.

Bottom Line

This is a great buy. You get 3 devices in one that will help in an emergency and 2 of those devices can be used regularly if you want: The flashlight and power bank. It stores just about anywhere and is solidly constructed. I can safely recommend JumpSmart to anyone who wants some extra peace of mind.

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Best Jump Starter

How to Jump Start a Car

Odds are that if you’re reading this you’re wondering how to jump start a car? Moreover, you’re likely in dire straights as your car is either dead on the side of the road or stuck in a icy parking lot with temperatures that are cold enough to freeze a mooses’ balls off. If you want to be prepared for any emergency, you’ll also want to read our JumpStart portable vehicle jump starter flashlight and power bank review.

What You’ll Need To Jump A Car

  1. Jumper cables (as shown above)
  2. Source of Power

How to Jump a Car With Another Car (Traditional Method)

How to jump a car with jumper cables
To jump a car with jumper cables match this diagram.

1. Pull the Cars Next To Each Other

First you’ll need to pull the running car along side the dead car. Look under the hood of both cars and determine which side the batteries are on. You may need to park the cars the same direction or opposite depending on the battery placement

2. Turn Both Cars Ignitions to OFF

Turn off both cars.  Take the keys out of the ignition if you’re at all worried about this.

3. Don’t Let the Leads Touch

Ensure that the Jumper Cable’s black and red leads, on either end, aren’t touching, as this could short the battery.

4. Lift the Hoods of Both Cars

Lift the hood on each car. It’s likely you’ll have to pull a lever on the driver’s side, under the steering wheel, and then find a release lever under the hood at the front of the car.

5. Open the Battery Terminals

Remove or open the battery terminal covers on both cars (some cars have this, but not all).

6. Attach the Jumper Cable

Next, attach the red lead to the red terminal on the good battery (it doesn’t matter which end of the cable).

7. Attach the Red Lead to Dead Battery

Then attach the other red lead to the dead battery’s red terminal.

8. Black Leads to Good Battery

Next, attach the black lead to the black terminal on the good battery.

9. Dead Car Black Lead

And then attach the dead battery car’s black lead to a non-painted metal surface on the dead battery’s car. You can attach it to the black terminal of the dead battery if needed. But it’s recommended you try the former first.

10. Start the Good Car

Start the car with the good battery.

11. Let it Run for a Minute

Once the good car is running, let it run for minute to drive some juice to the dead battery.

12. Try Starting the Dead Car

Then try starting the car with the dead battery. It should start.

13. Remove Both Cables

Begin with the jumped car by starting with the black lead then red lead. Then in the same order remove the leads from the other car. It helps to have this done simultaneously from the other car, but isn’t mandatory.

14. Don’t Turn Off

Finally, ensure that you don’t turn the jumped car off. Drive around for at least 15-30 minutes to power the car’s battery back up.

If the next day the car’s battery is dead, or whenever you attempt to start it again it’s likely that your car’s battery is beyond repair.  Or your alternator, or a component attached to the alternator may be broken or slowly failing.  A completely dead alternator will likely prevent the car from running at all, and perhaps even cause the car to stall during driving.  If the case is such, call AAA.  They’ll come to you, test your battery, and replace it on the spot if necessary or tell you to see a mechanic.  Alternatively, Costco is a great place to get a battery since they offer a no hassle return if for some reason the battery dies on you before 3-5 years.  That being said, a battery should be good for about 5 years, perhaps even more.  But eventually it will die.

How To Jump A Car Without Another Car (Jumper Pack)

Jumper Pack
A jumper pack can be stored in the back of a car and used to jump a car’s battery when dead.

For this method, instead of a car, you’ll need a Jumper Pack.  If you live in inclement weather, or far from civilization, I’d recommend buying one from your local Walmart, Amazon or a local hardware station.  Most if not all should have a set of jumper cable’s built-in.  If it doesn’t, don’t buy it.  Find one that does.

That said, there is no harm in having a jumper pack in the back of your car or truck, and it won’t take much space.  And trust me, you’ll be happy when your car’s battery goes dead and you’ve got this stowed away.

1. Jumper Pack Off

Ensure the Jumper Pack is set to OFF.

2. Lift the Hood on Dead Car

Lift the hood on the the car with the dead battery.

3. Remove the Cover

Remove the terminal battery covers revealing the red and black terminals (some of the best vehicles don’t have this).

5. Attach the Jumper Cables

Attach the Jumper Pack’s red cable lead to the red terminal. Next, attach the Jumper Pack’s black cable lead to the black terminal. 

6.Turn the Jumper Pack to “On”

Turn the Jumper Pack to the ON position and wait a minute to send some juice to the vehicle with the dead battery.

7. Start the Car

Then attempt to start the dead car If it works the car should start almost right up.

8. Jumper Pack to “Off”

Next, turn the Jumper Pack to OFF.

9. Remove the Leads

Remove the black lead from the black terminal. Remove the red lead from the red terminal. Replace the terminal/battery cover.

10. Drive the Car

Drive your car for 15 minutes to ensure the battery regains battery.

How to Jump a Car without Cables

Push Jump Start
No cables, no battery, no jump pack? Just push the car and pop the clutch, provided it’s manual.

This method requires that you have a manual (i.e. stick shift) car.  It also requires that you have a friend or two with you because they’ll need to push the car.

1. Find a Friend

First, feed your friend or promise a reward following this procedure.

2. Dead Car: Ignition in Drive (or On) Mode

Put the dead cars ignition into drive mode, or the mode that the key would switch to when driving.

3. Press the Clutch

Next, press the clutch and put the car into second gear. Keep the clutch pressed in.

4. Yell “Push”

Shout to your friend to push the car; “ok, push!!”

5. Quickly Release the Clutch

With some speed, ideally more than a slow lethargic roll, quickly release the clutch. The car should start.

6. Press the Clutch Back In

Just make sure to press the clutch back in so the car doesn’t stall. Or give the car some gas to ensure it doesn’t stall.

7. Drive the Car

Drive the car for 15 minutes or more to power the battery back up.

This concludes our how to jump start a car tutorial. Be sure to check out our car reviews guys.