Whether you are using your indoor TV in a weatherproofed cabinet or a weatherized TV, you can watch your favorite shows outside and relax while enjoying yourself.

Whether it’s the gazebo, outdoor garden, entrance, backyard, swimming pool, or patio deck, a TV with a high weatherproof rating is to die for. It has to withstand dust, UV rays, heat, and even snow. To showcase a modern lifestyle, we spent time with TVs from top brands.

All our outdoor TVs fall in either fully-shaded, partially shaded outdoor, or open space categories. We’ve considered only large-screen TVs from 40-inches with Full HD and Ultra HD resolutions. Our top brands are best in their class, offering high screen resolutions, complete weatherproofing, and value for money in outdoor TVs.

Our Winner

We were very picky while choosing these TVs. After 20 hours of extensive research and reviewing over 11 outdoor TVs, our best overall is SunBriteTV SB4374UHD. It offers vivid 4K picture quality and is compatible with 4K sources and streaming devices.

SunBriteTV SB4374UHD is 30% brighter than any indoor TV. It delivers breathtaking gaming moments and entertainment for the whole family.

Our #1 Pick is the SunBriteTV 43-Inch SB-4374UHD-BL
SunBriteTV 43-Inch SB-4374UHD-BL delivers impeccable outdoor performance and user-friendly compatibility for a surprisingly low cost than larger, high-end outdoor TVs.

Outdoor TV Brands & Market Growth

83% of Americans use outdoor spaces to entertain. It’s no wonder why outdoor TVs are on an upward trend. As part of outdoor technology, these TVs are brighter, sturdy, and more reliable than any indoor TV used outside. With brands like SunBriteTV taking the largest market share, others like Mirage, SEALOC, Seura, and SkyVue compete effectively as they refurbish and make outdoor TVs affordable to more consumers.

The demand for outdoor TVs is expected to soar upwards with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.1% up to the year 2024 and reach US$ 480 million from US$ 270 million in 2019. The future is bright for outdoor TVs.

The Top Rated Best Outdoor TVs  – 2022

 #1 SunBriteTV 43-Inch SB-4374UHD-BL Weatherproof Television: Best Under Cover

Our #1 Pick is the SunBriteTV 43-Inch SB-4374UHD-BL
SunBriteTV 43-Inch SB-4374UHD-BL delivers impeccable outdoor performance and user-friendly compatibility for a surprisingly low cost than larger, high-end outdoor TVs.
  • Picture Quality: 5/5
  • Housing: 5/5
  • Compatibility: 4/5
  • Sound: 4/5


  • It is up to 30% brighter than indoor TVs
  • Built-in speakers
  • Wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees
  • Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) for shaded areas


  • Lacks Wi-Fi and onboard apps
  • Needs a Bluetooth adaptor for Bluetooth connectivity
  • It does not come with the wall mounts

SunBrite TV 43-Inch Veranda SB-4374UHD-BL 4K UltraHD LED TV is designed for full-shade outdoor living spaces such as shaded patios, screened gazebos, or any other shaded outdoor area. Not to say it is not weatherized. In fact, this 4k screen TV can withstand snow, torrential rain, and extreme temperatures. It has an operating temperature range of -24 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This Veranda model also comes with a weather-proof remote control. You can even install it under a tree as long as it gets enough shade to maintain its high quality rich picture. How is that for making a TV a piece of outdoor gear?

You have to, however, use a third-party dongle like Roku stick to get apps over a Wi-Fi connection.

 #2 SunBrite Signature Series Outdoor TV 55-Inch : Best for Day and Night

Our #2 Pick is the SunBriteTV Signature SB-S-55-4K-BLOutdoor LED TV
4 Reviews
Our #2 Pick is the SunBriteTV Signature SB-S-55-4K-BLOutdoor LED TV
This outdoors television brings ultra-high definition video with perfect blacks, bright highlights, and vivid colors in indirect sunlight.
  • Picture Quality: 5/5
  • Housing: 4/5
  • Compatibility: 4/5
  • Sound: 3/5


  • Integrates an HDBase T receiver
  • Bright day and night viewing using OptiViewTM technology
  • 700 nits anti-glare screen
  • Wide temperature regulation system


  • Does not include built-in speakers
  • Lacks inbuilt Wi-Fi features
  • Does not come with the dust cover

SunBriteTV SB-S-55-4K-BL 4k UHD TV delivers premium features for bright, partially-shaded patios. Its display does not suck after dusk or on partial sun days. It is for the avid outdoor entertainer, who appreciates affordable 4K streaming thanks to its HDBase T receiver. This model has an operating temperature range of -24 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, a bigger range than our top pick.

But don’t let your kids throw toys at it. It does not have a protective, tempered glass tv shield. Be sure to check out Sunbrite’s Veranda Series as well, like its 55″ 4K UHD Outdoor Television that’s suited for full-shade outdoor living areas and comes with a weatherproof remote control. There’s also the Pro Series that can withstand outdoor use in full-sun areas. For extra protection, consider purchasing a separate outdoor TV cover for your new TV.

 #3 Mirage Vision G Series 40-Inch Outdoor LED Television: Best Smart TV-Ready

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  • Picture Quality: 3/5
  • Housing: 4/5
  • Compatibility: 5/5
  • Sound: 3/5


  • Matrix liquid crystal display to enhance brightness
  • It has a rear cabinet Rainguard
  • Comes with an outdoor cover for added protection
  • Has rear cabinet vents


  • Does not have 4K streaming
  • Lacks brightness technologies like HDR
  • Does not have an ambient light sensor

It may look like your ordinary indoor TV, but Mirage Vision G Series 40-Inch LED TV is more than meets the eye. It is weather resistant and UV-treated. It offers full HD picture quality, excellent for shaded and partially shaded areas.

It delivers smart TV capabilities including Wi-Fi connectivity so you can have all your favorite apps at hand. From YouTube to Netflix, no external dongle is needed.

With the lack of brightness technologies like an ambient light sensor and HDR, this TV ranks the lowest in brightness among our six choices. If you want a bigger one, check their 55″ Worlds Thinnest Outdoor 4K HD Tv.

 #4 SunBriteTV Pro Series SB-5518HD-BL-55 55-Inch : Best for Extreme Environments

Our #4 Pick is the SunBriteTV SB-5518HD-BL-55
SunBriteTV SB-5518HD-BL-55 is refined for full outdoor installation. Amidst the outdoor extremities, this TV can handle salt air, rain, snow, dust, insects, and humidity.
  • Picture Quality: 4/5
  • Housing: 4/5
  • Compatibility: 4/5
  • Sound Quality: 3/5


  • Ultra-bright 700-nit screen
  • EST (Enhanced Solar Tolerance) direct-sun technology
  • Comes with a detachable all-weather speaker
  • Inbuilt heating and cooling system


  • Delivers only full HD resolution
  • Does not have built-in Bluetooth support
  • It cannot be mount in portrait mode

The SunBriteTV SB-5518HD-BL-55 is perhaps the smartest investment you’ll ever make for your deck or patio. It is engineered to withstand anything the weather throws at it while delivering ultra- bright outdoor viewing. Its powder-coated aluminum exterior is rust proof, and it can tolerate high temperatures up to 122F.

Except for the lack of 4K resolution and smart TV connectivity, this model would have offered the best value for the money.

 #5 SEALOC 43″ Coastal Silver Series Outdoor TV: Best for Hot Environments

Our #5 Pick is the SEALOC Coastal Series
This outdoor TV can withstand temperatures as high as 140F. On top of this, the TV delivers 4K ultra HD picture quality.
  • Picture Quality: 5/5
  • Housing: 4/5
  • Compatibility: 4/5
  • Sound: 3/5


  • It is smart-TV compatible
  • Uses Dolby-certified speakers
  • Comes with a full motion mounting option
  • All internal components are weatherproofed


  • Cannot be cleaned using a pressure washer
  • It does not look as sleek and elegant as other outdoor TVs
  • Not ideal for temp below -14F

SEALOC Coastal Series Silver 43-Inch has a perfect 4K UHD display for a TV that can be used in all outdoor extremities. It is that wonderful investment that is ready to entertain all year round whether it is raining or the sun is scorching. With its brilliant nano-coating technology, it has no problem being in humid and salt air environments.

Our only concern is that it is not the kind of TV that matches most modern outdoor setups. You will like it better with rustic and traditional décor.

 #6 Mirage Vision 55-Inch Gold Series: Best for Commercial Use

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  • Picture Quality: 4/5
  • Housing: 3/5
  • Compatibility: 4/5
  • Sound: 3/5


  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Withstands high temperature up to 145F
  • It has inbuilt Wi-Fi and apps
  • Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR)


  • Cannot be used on a table top
  • It has only one year of limited warranty
  • It is a bit expensive for the few extra features

Everyone needs a nice cozy place to spend free hours and weekends. And if you are looking for an ultra-bright display, smart-TV capabilities, and vibrant, life-like colors, you are looking at the Mirage Vision 55-Inch Gold Series.

It stylish, no doubt, and it gives you exceptional performance. You get to enjoy a billion colors, and high-contrast for viewing in bright, partially-shaded decks and patios. It comes with a waterproof television cover and a waterproof remote control as well.

However, its LED Backlight Modulation Technology does not do much to enhance its brightness. That’s why it is not recommended for use under direct sun exposure.

Note: Other Outdoor televisions that you may want to consider that we haven’t mentioned on our list are such as the Samsung 7 series 43-65 inch, The Terrace (also from Samsung) 4K UHD with Alexa built-in, and Skyvue refurbished outdoor TVs like the Skyvue NGX32” all-weather TV that can withstand extreme heat.

Choosing the Best Outdoor TV: Features that Matter

  • An outdoor TV will perform better than an indoor TV or a portable outdoor TV when installed outside. By the way, it’s a bad idea to use an indoor television outside.
  • Outdoor TVs can withstand the rigs of the weather even when its permanently outside. We are talking torrential rain, extreme temperatures, humidity, salt water, direct sunlight, and even bugs.

Here are the features to tick off before you buy an outdoor TV,

Shaded vs. Partial-Shaded vs. Full Sunlight

  • Outdoor TVs are in these three categories. You need to consider the sunlight conditions of your patio before choosing the TV you like.
  • Full shaded TVs have to be installed in places that do not receive lots of direct sunlight. These are places like in a screened gazebo, enclosed patio, or pool room. For partial shaded TVs, they can be mounted in areas that receive a bit of sunlight but are not directly lit. Learn cheap options for enclosing your patio.
  • Full sunlight TVs can be mounted directly under the sun like in swimming pool areas. They come with anti-glare screens, have higher contrast ratio and are fully-weatherproofed.

TV Size

  • Consider how many guests you need to entertain and the location you intend to install it. Outdoor TVs are up to 75 inches in size. As long as everyone can view from all angles, a large sized model won’t be any better than an average 40-inch TV. Knowing the best place for your TV and how to install it goes a long way in making sure all your guests are fully entertained.

TV Weatherproofing

  • Your outdoor TV should withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -24F to 104F. They should have internal heaters and the means to independently control condensation and humidity. Not to mention outdoor housing in powder-coated steel, anodized aluminum, superior shield enclosures like from high molecular weight polyethylene. You can always add a cover to protect your TV further.

TV Picture Quality

  • The performance of your TV is largely dependent on the quality of the screen. You should look for high-tempered and anti-reflective glass that can deliver rich imagery on bright and sunny days. Brightness technologies also make a whole lot of difference in any outdoor TV.
  • We are talking enhanced brightness through HDR, ambient lighting sensors, quantum dot technology, and many others.
  • To achieve a clear picture, your outdoor television needs a certain amount of backlighting coupled with anti-glare and anti-reflective glass.

TV Sound

  • A TV that can be integrated with a sound system is your best bet. Most outdoor TVs come with inbuilt or removable outdoor speakers, but they are never enough on their own.

FAQ for Choosing an Outdoor TV 


Most outdoor TVs do not employ smart technologies. They aim at providing weatherproofing properties. However, brands like SEALOC and Mirage Vision employ smart capabilities like Wi-Fi and built-in apps.

Make sure to look at the capabilities of your TV especially if you don’t want to buy accessories to make it smart-TV ready.



It is important that you choose a safe and a weatherproofed mount for your outdoor TV. The last thing you want is dealing with rust barely months after installing the TV. Some of the requirements include the ability of the mount to support the weight of the TV. It should also be VESA-compliant and UL-rated.



Unless the manufacturer states otherwise, outdoor TVs are designed to be used in all-weather including rain. The only difference comes in the operating temperatures and the amount of sunlight that the TV can handle for a bright viewing experience.


Although brands like SunBriteTV recommend buying their outdoor soundbars, it is possible to use regular non-weatherized soundbars using an amplifier. This is as long as you bring your home entertainment speakers with you when you head back inside after those outdoor movie nights.



A heater is not necessary for most outdoor TVs. But if you will be using it in temperatures below recommended, you may require to use the heater. It’s better not to risk your TV if temperatures do not warrant its use. It’s a lot of energy which means a racked energy bill.


Outdoor TVs can be a costly affair if you get a yeah-yeah model. That is to say, buying from a brand with no real features that showcase the benefit of the TV. It’s better to be safe with a TV that has been tested to meet real-world performance, even though it will be much more expensive than an indoor TV, but you know watching movie outdoors can be more fun.

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