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If you’re wondering what geek toys to buy, or what’s worth the expense, then read Gadget Review and let us help! The tech world is a great place for geeks now, bursting with new smart devices, amazing crowdfunded projects, and great deals for fans of all types. Whether you want to learn about the latest Star Wars Lego toys or find out about the new Kickstarter that lets you ride a hoverboard like a pro, we absolutely have you covered everything. Even if you are looking for the best hoverboard for your kids or other geek toys, whether you want an uber awesome gadget to impress your friends or the latest scientific advancement that allows you to freely tinker in your garage, our top lists and comparisons can help.

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Today's online world has grown so vast that geeks across the world find it easier to collaborate and create than ever before: The result are new collectibles, unique solutions to common problems, and fun toys that allow you to use your smartphone and computer like never before. Of course, Gadget review also has news on the latest developments by major brands, reviews of the coolest video games, and reports on new tech deals.