Stay connected to what’s happening with the EMBRACE+ Smart Notification Bracelet  that allows you to customize notifications for incoming calls, text, social media, apps and more. Your phone can be in your pocket, purse, bag, etc and the bracelet will alert you when a new notification comes in.

You can customize notifications with colors that match your style and save them in a profile, making the EMBRACE+ a fashion accessory with true functionality! It works by notifying you via flashing different colors for different apps and contacts. You get to choose various colors for incoming calls from your girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, a contact group, unknown callers and more. The design is great for both men and women and its material is soft and feather light, making it comfortable to wear. And the app for iPhone and Android can be customized with a wide variety of skins in different styles and colors. The Kickstarter campaign provides backers who pledge $49 their own EMBRACE+.