Fire Glove: Light A Cigarette With Your Finger (video)


Motivation is an odd thing. Some people don’t have it and others have too much of it. Matiah Shaman might just be the latter of the two. Course he’s also probably some sort of genius. According to Matiah he “took apart many things that you should not ever take apart (disposable cameras, lighters), and used the most dangerous parts of them in dangerous ways. Please don’t try to sue me if you build a fire glove and burn your hand or point it in your eyeball and go blind, its NOT A SAFE PROJECT.” Based on the video and his description, it looks like the index finger runs the butane. By placing his thumb and middle finger together it creates a spark lighting the gas. From there, he controls the flow of gas using his thumb. The gas tank is simply a plastic utility lighter, and the spark is created from a disassembled disposable camera.

He’s got a full explanation on his YouTube page (see the right hand column).

Via HackedGadgets

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