6 Reasons Why You Need Wink To Control All Your Connected Devices (list)


With so many connected devices these days it’s hard to keep track of them all. Especially when each one has their own app, making your tablet or smartphone very crowded with apps that take up valuable space on your device that could be used for more important things like pictures and music. Bet you wish there was one app to control it all, right? Well, your wish has now been granted thanks to Wink, an app that easily controls all your connected devices in one place. Available on both the App Store and on Google Play, Wink makes it easy to control your stuff without having to fiddle around with different apps all the time because we all know how hard and time consuming that can be.

1. It Works With Practically Everything!

Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING, but Wink does unit close to 60 different devices ranging from light bulbs to locks, window shades to water heaters and everything in between. Its partnered with 15 leading manufacturers of home products so that you can easily use the app to control all the devices that make your home smart. Big-name brands like Honeywell, Lutron, Schlage, Leviton, GE, Philips and Rheem, to name a few, have already signed on with their devices being accessible via the Wink app.

2. It’s Free

Because you already paid good money for your connected devices, the people at Wink thought they’d give you a break and make their app free to download. An app that makes life easier and is free is awesome in our books!

3. Life Made Easier

As mentioned above, Wink makes life easier for you. You can adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature for when you get home or use it to turn off light right after you walk out the door. Before, you’d have to toggle between different apps that accompanied whatever devices you have to set everything just the way you like it, but now with Wink, you do that all in one place.

4. Personalization At Its Best

Because no two households are the same, Wink lets you personalize your experience with the app to what works best for you and your home. You can easily program it to operate just one light bulb in your living room or all of the lights in your kitchen. You can even group the light bulbs in your bedroom with other products in there like your fan to sync them all together and work as one whenever you want.

5. Wink HUB


So what are you supposed to do when your connected devices aren’t compatible with Wink? Get the Wink HUB to support products that don’t directly connect to your home’s Internet. For $79.99 (or $49.99 now until Labor Day in September at The Home Depot and drops down to $24.99 when purchased with one Wink-compatible product from The Home Depot and down to $.99 with the purchase of two Wink-compatible products from the store), you can control any of your favorite smart products using the Wink app. There’s no extra monthly fees or contracts to use it (which is a good thing!) and it supports leading protocols like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LE, Z-Wave, Zigbee and Lutron ClearConnect. To tell if something is Wink compatible or not, look for the seal on the product that will state wither the Wink HUB is required or not.

6. Intuitive Controls

wink app

Wink features not only intuitive controls, but a clean, consistent and actually quite beautiful interface, making the app easy to use and easy on the eyes. The app features shortcut buttons so that you can quickly access your favorite settings, the ability to create simple robots to do stuff for you and lets you schedule and monitor all activity with your connected devices in one place. It also makes setup clear and easy with step-by-step guides and videos and if you need help with anything, you can talk to an actual human on their customer support team any time of the day or night.

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