MaxMyTv Turns Your TV Into A Command Hub

As we stuff more and more technology into our homes, it becomes clear that we need to simplify and consolidate in our lives. Not by buying less stuff, we’re not barbarians. But rather by buying more stuff that gives us the ability to control all the stuff we buy. Which is where MaxMyTV comes into play.

Remote Control

Essentially, MaxMyTV is inserted between your TV and your cable set-top box, and it gives you the ability to overlay pretty much anything you want over a TV screen. While you can buy products as part of the ecosystem, ranging from smart outlets to WiFi surveillance cameras, you can also sync it up to your other stuff, with the fun part being when you decide to combine activities.

Twitter Without The Laptop

Essentially, MaxMyTV takes the data coming in, whether it’s from your Gmail account or from the camera you’ve got mounted over the front door, and lays it over a TV signal. The value, of course, is that you don’t need to have your laptop open in order to, say, keep track of the reaction on Twitter, or keep an eye on your email, or watch your kids in the backyard. It’s the “second screen” tech types are so hyped up about, without the second screen. And, yes, there’s a QWERTY remote available if you feel the need to participate.

Couch Command Center


We all need a command center on the couch sometimes, and this appears to be a useful way of getting that up and running. The main question will be how much you need a second screen; but, hey, if that’s your jam, take a moment and see what MaxMyTV has to offer. If nothing else, being able to Tweet from the couch without looking away has a lot of promise.

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