Flic Smart Buttons Control Your Home Devices With One Push

Flic wants to make home automation really, really easy: Instead of pulling out your phone, giving voice commands, or tapping a control panel, Flic gives you just one button to control your smart devices.

This diminutive little button – you could mistake it for a doorbell – uses your wireless network to tap into devices across your home. Stick it on the wall, open up the accompanying Flic app, and start programming any smart devices that it can locate.

Flic specifically mentions compatibility with the Logitech Harmony Hub, but the device works with all sorts of popular devices thanks to its combination or Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IR. Bop the button and you can change your Nest thermostat, August Smartlock, Philips Hue lights, and more. You can also use it as a snooze button or buzz it to buzz your phone if you aren’t sure where you left it.

How does one button do it all? Well, you press it. Press once to activate one scene/device (basic on your set-up), press twice to activate something else, and hold down the button to choose a third option. These presses could control a single device or a scene made from multiple smart products working together.

This may seem a little limited, but the creators of Flic don’t intend for you to use just one. Instead, Flics are designed to be sprinkled throughout your house. Put one by your door to control lights, alarms, door locks, and even automatic cab calls. Put one by your entertainment system to turn on the TV, sound system, and more. Stick one by your bed to control other lights and alarms.

The Flic website has even more creative suggestions, like using a Flic as a remote control for your camera app or sticking Flics on your photographs as a method of instant dialing your family members. You could even put one in your car to insta-navigate, or wear one on your coat to send distress messages or Tweet your location.

After a crowdfunding effort that zoomed far beyond its original goal, the Flics are being sold in a number of packages, depending on how many you want and if you want to throw in Logitech’s Hub or some adhesives. Ultimately, one Flick will cost you $27, while buying five will drop the price to $79. Shipping time is estimated to be in March 2015, so not quite in time for Christmas.

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